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The Shirt Studio Store Tour

Tour Bangalore's newest and greatest addition - The Shirt Studio. A place for self designed shirts, wedding wear and formal wear.

T-Shirt Printing: ICNY's Mike Cherman & LQQK Studio's Alex Dondero (Part 2)

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Nothing bad ever came from the perennial process of trial and error. If you caught up with Part 1 of HBTV's T-shirt printing series, we linked with ICNY Sport founder and designer Mike Cherman who iterated the simplicity of making your own graphic tee. Connecting with Alex Dondero of New York's leading printmaker, LQQK Studio, the two industry veterans show us how to elevate the printing process by drafting your own design from a photo of your choice and rendering it as a hi-resolution grayscale image on Photoshop.

View T-Shirt Printing 101 Part 2 in the video above, and catch up with our first video:

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Rich M : "a simple setup" worth tens of thousands of dollars. kinda makes him look stupid at the end when he says he showed us you don't need a commercial shop to print a tee. uh no, u just showed us how to print a tee in a commercial shop.
Dpao : Damn should have made a print that looks like the screen at 2:30
JOHNNY ZURITA : apology is the
printer model
David Jordan : Dope
Rafael Fontanillas : excelllent video bro !!!!! do it more

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Father No : 72 million dollar town home???!!! WTF! how is there even such a thing??????????????????!?!?!!!


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